DG Adz Franchise

Support Local Businesses & Organizations as a Complete Digital Marketing Service Provider


No matter the industry, every business requires some form of marketing & Advertisements, and the Digital Information age encompasses opportunities for Modern Marketing Avenues such as Social Media, e-mail, websites or any other Platform for Digital Advertisements. Startups and existing companies of all sizes are turning to Digital Marketing Services to handle their Advertising, Newsletters, and Social Media Engagement. When you own DG Adz Franchise, you'll be able to provide a Service that's in High Demand among Businesses. As you develop your expertise and become a leader in Digital Marketing, demand for your services will only increase. In an increasingly Digital World, Businesses are Discovering that the best way to reach their Clientele is Online. Your Digital Marketing Business will take advantage of the Social Media and Internet boom to deliver Advertising to today's Audiences. It's a profitable & ever Growing Industry, and Digital Marketers who do their jobs well to execute a well Planned Digital Marketing Strategy with Support of a Team of Our Experts in each segment, it's more than sufficient to make a difference for the businesses they Serve in terms of Online Reputation Management.

DG Adz provides full-time Web and Design Engineers, Customer Service & Support Staff, while You focus on Local Sales and Marketing. We are Committed to offer you a Successful Digital Business Module with Complete Training & Support by Our Highly Experienced & Certified Individuals, because Ultimately Your Business Success is Our Business Success.

Vendor Pricing Model

As a DG Adz Franchise you receive vendor pricing on our Products and Services, allowing you to resell them for higher margins to your clients. The compensation model involves a combination of upfront and recurring monthly payments. We'll even train your Team on how to duplicate and expand, so there's no ceiling to your potential income and growth.

Commission Based Model

As a DG Adz Franchise you are authorized to resell our Services to your Customers and we pay a Fixed Percentage of the Sales value. You can even offer them for higher margins to your clients. The Complete Price List along with Commission Structure is shared on Sign-up. Usually it ranges between 20-40% of the Sales Value paid to DG Adz Franchise/Associate Partners.